High-Tech Cloud Storage Solutions with Genaro Network

The internet has become one of the greatest achievements in human history within a few short decades by virtue of its disruptive influence. However, the era of big data has exposed the weakness of the internet’s traditional centralized operation model. Data, one of the most precious commodities in the world, is being hoarded by monopolies, and users’ privacy is at stake. As the public becomes more aware of the need for data protection, a “war” on data security and privacy has begun.

The emergence of decentralized distributed cloud storage solutions in the Web 3.0 era makes it possible to retrieve data without relying on any specific storage provider. This can make data storage and retrieval more efficient and faster, and more applications can be created without posing any risk to data privacy.

Today, we shall introduce Genaro Network, the world’s first programmable public chain combined with a point-to-point storage network. Genaro Network’s programmable blockchain is Turing-complete; that is, developers all over the world can easily design decentralized applications (dapps) on it, just like on the Ethereum network. This also allows data to be stored and retrieved more quickly and with better compatibility.

The Design Concept Behind a Self-Storage Network

Many people say that laziness is human nature. Let us compare a blockchain network to a CPU; a consensus algorithm to an operating system; a storage network to a hard disk. When we look at it this way, Genaro Network is akin to a fully functional computer for users. Its one-stop storage platform is easy to operate, and is a practical tool that can complement our human nature.

Right now, storage companies are only partially solving the problem behind data storage — changing the way files are stored (similar to adjusting a hard drive), or changing the consensus mechanism (similar to modifying an operating system). However, only Genaro Network has taken a comprehensive approach through the introduction of a programmable blockchain that combines a storage network. As mentioned earlier, this is akin to a real supercomputer with a hard drive, CPU, and operating system, allowing data to be extracted and stored faster, and without the compatibility issues faced when different systems conflict with one another. Users do not need to know the inner workings of a computer to start using it. Similar to that, the developers of Genaro Network can start building dapps on the platform without the need to know how its foundational structure works.

In summary, storage networks and blockchains are generally counted as two separate components. However, Genaro Network’s original hybrid consensus mechanism tightly combines the two components together: uploading transaction records of data storage and retrieval on-chain, whilst improving the speed and security of the PoS algorithm by replacing the energy-intensive PoW algorithm with the SPoR consensus mechanism.

Genaro Network has also made many contributions in promoting social awareness. For example, the platform’s GNX token has numerous functions, and can be used throughout the different applications within the Genaro Network ecosystem. The company has also partnered with several enterprises and institutions. One example is its new partnership with HyperVerse, a globally renowned company focusing on the development of the metaverse.

Genaro Network is a technology company that constantly strives for innovation to change the world and will continue to work with high-quality companies in the future. The future is bright for the company, and only time will tell as to what heights it will achieve.



First smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture. See full blog at Smart Data Ecosystem Publication or https://medium.com/genaro-network

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Genaro Network (GNX)

First smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture. See full blog at Smart Data Ecosystem Publication or https://medium.com/genaro-network