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Genaro Network (GNX)
3 min readJun 30, 2022

Have you thought of using cloud storage because of insufficient hard disk space or the inconvenience of using a hard disk when replacing your office computer? But whether the cloud storage you are using now is safe has become the biggest question in every user’s mind. Today, the major cloud storage products in the market still use a centralized storage mode to process users’ cloud storage files.

Even centralized storage brings many conveniences to users; for example, audio, video and other files in the device can be quickly uploaded to the network disk at any time according to their preferences, which can not only save the space of the mobile device but also be very fast to access the content in the network disk when needed. But in fact, the administrator of the network disk can directly view and delete the file data uploaded by the user from the server-side platform at any place and at any time. This storage method and management mechanism make the user’s privacy prone to leakage.

Moreover, companies with a large amount of user data will need a lot of training data to keep up with the pace of the AI ​​era. Huge commercial interests will drive large companies to use the data stored by their users in their cloud disks for AI neural network training, thereby enhancing their own companies’ AI competitiveness.

Genaro Network is a cloud storage service platform based on blockchain technology, and it is also the only decentralized cloud storage platform in the market. Genaro Network encrypts users’ data information through blockchain technology and allocates them to different blocks for storage. Except for the user who owns the key itself, even the top management of Genaro Network and government agencies also cannot obtain any user’s information from the encrypted block. At the moment, users’ preference for Genaro Network has increased. After all, they are in the same price range, but they can get better secret cloud storage services.

Furthermore, due to the unique storage method, the centralized storage server has already become the primary target of network hacking. Because a large amount of user data is stored on the centralized storage server, and the means of hijacking the data information served by large user groups are a significant source of income for hackers, which means that the security of the centralized storage server has a direct impact The protection of user information and data. And past data shows that there are many large companies user’s data information selling on the deep web, which also shows that even large companies cannot fully guarantee the security of user data information.

Genaro Network’s decentralized storage technology solves this trouble of centralized storage servers facing about. The user’s information data will be scattered and scrambled by Genaro Network with blockchain technology as the main technology and stored in different blocks encrypted. And there is no other way to read the contents of these blocks except to decompose and open them through the secret key.

Moreover, the encryption method of the private key is also highly complicated. Even with a super-computer interprets it, the hacker must crack more than 51% of the blocks to obtain the information. And as users use it, these blocks will be scrambled again, and more blocks will be generated, so cracking is unrealistic and discourages those hackers. Genaro Network provides you with a new consensus mechanism, ensuring more robust performance, better security and more sustainable blockchain infrastructure.



Genaro Network (GNX)

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