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Jun 7, 2018

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Genaro Network Monthly Report

2018.6| Genaro Network (GNX) Monthly Report — May

Summary: Monthly Report at a Glance

As a team constantly pursuing improvement, Genaro is delighted to introduce the ‘Monthly Report at a Glance’. This will allow you to take a glimpse at the team’s latest news and stay up to date on how everything is progressing.

Ecosystem and Team Building

Genaro and Zilliqa’s First Joint AMA Successfully Concluded

On May 28th and 29th, Zilliqa co-founder and chief technology officer Yaoqi Jia and Genaro co-founder Waylon Wu made two live broadcasts in each project’s official Telegram group, answering the questions the community members were most concerned about. The technical cooperation provoked an active response from the community. Questions asked included ‘What DAPPs can the teams co-develop?’ and ‘How do the projects complement each other?’

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3 new back-end engineers joined the team

This month, three experienced back-end development engineers joined the Genaro technical team to contribute to the development of the public chain.

Technology Development in May

Technical progress is shown in the full-year development plan


Optimized transaction failure notice

File uploading progress rendered in greater detail

Corrected sharer download link

Fixed multiple overlapping issues

Optimized new user import key process

Optimized some Chinese and English text descriptions

Optimized default wallet setup process

Forked libstorj permitting in-house maintenance of libgenaro and wrote detailed documentation

Node-libgenaro was implemented as nodejs binding for libgenaro

Wallet updated to support importing private keys

Added documentation, including challenge, and overall storage workflow

Added Eden’s statistics function

Upgraded the test environment nodejs to the latest version

Researched audit method

Completed Telegram bot for community communication

Fixed issues where setting the default wallet caused failure

Compiled the windows version of libgenaro and node-libgenaro

Fixed an occasional white screen issue with Eden

Implemented the file moving operation API

Increased statistical user history total traffic

Added bucket renaming API


Implemented the command line wallet import

Redesigned method for calculating revenues

Compensated the user’s mirror revenue

Added loading tag when users are withdrawing

Researched KAD network, released nodejs version demo

Wallets updated to support importing private keys

When users stake, the system supports them setting the gas fee by themselves

Added some user-friendly notes in the interface page

Public chain

Communicated with partners to design encryption nodes

Designed interoperable interfaces between encryption nodes and blockchains

Overall architecture

Organized new technical white papers

Revised the design of original storage

Events and Community Building

Wuhan, China — Second Cyberspace Security Yuyuan Young Scientists’ Forum

Genaro CEO Larry Liu and CTO Waylon Wu were invited to attend the Second Cyberspace Security Yuyuan Young Scientists’ Forum held at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan from May 5 to 6, 2018. The forum brought together more than 50 experts from various backgrounds in the field of cyberspace security to discuss the topic from numerous angles.

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Shanghai, China — AustCham Event ‘Blockchain Applications for Business & Industry’

On the afternoon of May 8, 2018, Genaro Network CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) Jason Inch was invited as key speaker to an event titled ‘Blockchain Applications for Business & Industry’, hosted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and co-organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the British Chamber of Commerce.

New York, US — Consensus 2018 & Token Summit

May 14, 2018 (New York time), Genaro Network CSO Jason Inch and CTO Waylon Wu represented Genaro Network at the 4th Blockchain Technology Summit held in the Hilton Midtown, Consensus 2018, and at the 3rdever Token Summit in the same city.

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Moscow, Russia — World Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit

On May 18–20, 2018, Genaro Network’s Head of CIS Amirsan Roberto was invited to attend the World Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit in Moscow on behalf of Genaro Network. Amirsan attended roundtable talks discussing how blockchain technology will change industry and storage and what the future of the industry will be.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam — Huobi Blockchain Festival Summit, AM BlockFair

From May 24 to May 27, 2018, the Genaro team was invited to attend the two-day Blockchain Festival Summit and AM BlockFair held in the GEM CENTRE in the center of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Larry delivered a keynote speech at the conference titled ‘The Seven Major Challenges of the Public Chain and Their Solutions’ and later joined the expert group discussion. The large-scale summit saw more than 30 guests invited, including many international blockchain experts, celebrities in the field and guests from the political, business finance, and media spheres. The number of participants exceeded 1,500 people.

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Guiyang, China — 2018 China Big Data Expo

Catiah Li, Media & Branding Manager of Genaro Network, attended the 2018 China Big Data Expo (BIG DATA EXPO) in Guizhou from May 26 to 29 on behalf of Genaro Network. As the world’s foremost big data themed event, the Expo has been successfully held for three consecutive years. In 2017, it was officially upgraded to a state-level expo. Now it has become a barometer of global big data development and the industry’s most authoritative international showcase.

Helsinki, Finland — Blockchain Start-ups Delegations Finland Trip

On May 28–31, 2018 Genaro Network’s EU Business Development lead Luke Sheehan joined a series of meetings, workshops and conferences in the Finnish capital of Helsinki as part of a delegation which included a number of China-based start-ups. The events led to several opportunities to learn about the future potential for blockchain in Finland. In addition, the connections Genaro Network made during the four-day program will provide a good foundation for ecosystem development and opportunities in the Nordic region.

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The number of fans in Genaro’s communities this month is shown in the figure. The current number of supporters for each group is as follows:

Telegram: 10089 +1.2%

Weixin:16186 +0.3%

Weibo:13199 +0.8%

Twitter:11411 +10.6%

Facebook:14329 -2.7%

Beechat:2042 +3.6%

Telegram links:

Telegram East Asia:

Telegram CIS:

Telegram Official:

Beechat links:

Beechat download:

Weibo: GenaroNetwork-GNX

Wechat Official Account:Genaro

Other channels:





Genaro Network will upgrade its brand in the near future, including website updates, so stay tuned.

Genaro Eden Business Edition 1.0 and the Genaro Storage Network API (Application Programming Interface) have been released. Partners are trying out these two products and we are about to announce the details soon. Engineers, please stay tuned!


Genaro’s latest versions, Genaro Eden and Genaro Eden Sharer, will allow you to store your files in a more secure way and share your unused storage to earn GNX. To download Genaro Eden and begin storing and sharing, follow this link:

Get your Genaro Eden/Sharer for Linux, Windows and MAC OS right now from the official website:

Git source repository is on GitHub>>


Warm reminder to our community members, please download Genaro Eden ONLY from our official website/GitHub and DO NOT trust any referral links and reposts from anyone, otherwise, we won’t be able to guarantee privacy and security of your data and protect you from scammers.

Genaro Eden — The first decentralized application on the Genaro Network, providing everyone with a trustworthy Internet and a sharing community:

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The Genaro Ecosystem

- About Genaro Network -

The Genaro Network, the creator of the Blockchain 3.0 Ecosystem, is the first Turing-complete public chain that incorporates a decentralized storage network. Genaro’s original SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) with PoS (Proof of Stake) mixed consensus mechanism aims to create a blockchain platform with a processing speed of tens of thousands of transactions per second, which opens the way for the technological shift to move data from centralized clouds to blockchain with decentralized storage. Genaro offers developers a one-stop combined platform for deploying smart contracts and storing the data needed for DAPPs, while also providing everyone with a more trustworthy Internet and a sharing community.

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