Genaro Network

The initial purpose of the Genaro Network is to build a reliable Turing-complete public chain with decentralized storage network. This network will then become the backbone of a new ecosystem of advanced decentralized applications that need better access to big data via blockchain, including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and other technologies. To support the creation of the storage blockchain and the development of the decentralized application ecosystem, we are implementing the Genaro Hub and Accelerator project, an industryfirst combination of new sharing economy concepts of coliving, coworking, and cocreating. The Genaro Hub and Accelerator provide a place for the Genaro community to form and flourish, through education, cooperation, and empowerment of individuals and teams supporting the Genaro project. The Hub’s coworking areas provide an environment conducive to prototyping and building blockchain projects. The coliving facility allows better team dynamics and is a place to test new blockchain-based concepts. The Genaro Accelerator will enable the development of storage blockchain applications more quickly and with greater synergies between projects. One location will become many. Eventually, the best ideas and applications will scale to the cities and world around them, achieving a society-wide impact.



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Genaro Network (GNX)

First smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture. See full blog at Smart Data Ecosystem Publication or