Genaro Network (GNX)
3 min readDec 30, 2021

Genaro — Defending Data Security in an Interconnected Era

As society progresses in new and exciting ways, the development of information and communication technology means that big data is now widely used in various industries and fields. The wide application of big data also means that the amount of data stored is increasing, and the global market for data storage has ballooned in recent years.

According to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), the global datasphere reached 21.6 zettabytes (ZB) in 2017, 33 ZB in 2018, and 41 ZB in 2019. In 2019, the global market for hardware, software, and services relating to big data reached US$50 billion. This figure is expected to exceed US$100 billion by 2025.

What if there was a way to store data permanently? When developers first started experimenting with cloud storage, their goal was to create data persistency. However, cloud storage comes with its own set of issues, with slow data transmission, rampant security risks, and ambiguous ownership of data.

Introduction to Genaro Network

In this interconnected era, the emergence of Genaro Network is akin to a revolution for traditional cloud storage. Genaro is committed to the protection of user data. Its distributed network is also the first turing complete blockchain 3.0 ecosystem, and can be described as the first ever blockchain “app store”, where developers can deploy and run smart contracts, store data, and share information with the community through a trusted network.

Genaro Network encrypts information and divides it into “fragments”, which are scattered among multiple nodes on the network instead of a single location, which aids in data security. In addition, Genaro enhances data verifiability by setting up a specific file fingerprint, known as sentinel. A file fingerprint is a block of random values that is indistinguishable from encrypted data. When the verifier encrypts a file, it then embeds sentinels in random positions in the file. To ensure that the data storage is secure, the verifier specifies the positions of some sentinels in the file, and ask the storage provider to return the corresponding sentinel values. Such a verification method can minimize storage risk, increase the efficiency of data retrievability, and increase download speed.

Maintaining Data Security with Genaro

At present, most major blockchain networks comes with a certain degree of technical defects. For example, Ethereum’s account-based model makes it harder for users to preserve their privacy, which is very important for commercial applications. In addition, there are three functions that needs to be realized in a blockchain network, namely consensus, computation, and storage. These three are intrinsically linked in existing blockchain projects, and each node is required to perform all three functions together. This creates scalability bottlenecks for the network as a whole.

Genaro Network proposes separating computing and consensus. This way, the computing layer can have better parallel computing capability, and can support many applications simultaneously. At the same time, Genaro also combines the distributed ledger with secure computing, which supports scalability and privacy protection. By combining blockchain with secure computing, Genaro can validate data and generate new data assets by applying the data in a privacy-protected way, extracting value from it.

The need for storage is almost a survival instinct based on the law of scarcity, and blockchain technology is one of the best tools to help solve the security issue of data storage. Blockchain technology allows users to no longer worry about the privacy of their data, and to also harness the potential value of their data.

Genaro Network is the first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage. Genaro pioneered the combination of SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) with PoS (Proof of Stake) to form a new consensus mechanism, ensuring stronger performance, better security and a more sustainable blockchain infrastructure. Genaro provides developers with a one-stop platform to deploy smart contracts and store the data needed by DApps simultaneously and its mission is to ensure the secure migration of core Internet infrastructures to the blockchain.

Genaro Network (GNX)

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