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Oct 13, 2017

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Genaro Community Evangelist Plan

Become a Genaro Community Evangelist Get GNX rewards!

The Genaro Network foundation announced today a new program for community supporters to get involved as technology evangelists. If you are an enthusiastic supporter of Genaro’s technology and ecosystem development plans, this is your chance to get involved and earn some great rewards at the same time.

What is the Genaro Community Evangelist Plan?

The Genaro Community Evangelist Plan is to give both Genaro internal team and Genaro followers/community members a great chance to work together to drive the Blockchain 3.0 revolution, Genaro’s concept of a next generation of blockchain applications platform combining a Turing complete public chain + decentralized storage, to make DAPPs as useful as Internet APPs.

What does a Genaro Community Evangelist do?

One of the most famous technology evangelists is Guy Kawasaki, who helped spread the message about Apple’s great products and software, linking the private development community to Apple’s internal teams to share insights and resources, help establish standards, and generally letting more people know about how great Macintosh was for various groups.

A Genaro Community Evangelist or Genaro evangelist for short, will do any of the following as is their desire and willingness to do so:

■ interact with existing communities on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Github, Slack and other social media platforms, and in other languages where communities would like more information.

■ create and manage groups, sub-groups, and around geographic regions and specific interests connected to their area of specialty (e.g. a Big Data sub-group or mailing list for Genaro Network if there is a high demand from the community)

■ positively discuss and promote the Genaro community with new members

■ help forward important news and articles to the community, translate content, and in some cases for especially passionate evangelists, may even create original content

■ be part of activities like beta-testing, feature development, and cross-community sharing of ideas

Why you want to be Genaro Community Evangelist?

■ Rewards! Qualify for special GNX rewards in recognition of your service, and manage benefits such as Community and Technical Development GNX token allocations to share with your communities!

■ Early access! Have preferential access blockchain projects built on Genaro Network in the future.

■ Be an insider! Know more news and private information of blockchain industry all over the world.

■ Make history! Help us to create Blockchain3.0 together, a revolution in blockchain technology.

Who is qualified to be Genaro Community Evangelist?

The role of evangelist is an important one, so we can’t accept everybody who might apply, but we are looking for people who have at least some of the following:

■ Currently holding BTC, ETH, GNX or at least one crypto currency / altcoin (i.e. you are part of the broader blockchain community already)

■ Have a good understanding of Genaro Network and basic knowledge of blockchain (e.g. you have read our whitepaper and understand the basics of what blockchain can do for the world)

■ Know how to create/operate online and offline communities (e.g. you know how to use social media platforms, like to attend events, or might like to host an event in your local community)

■ From a geographic region or technical community that could benefit from the Genaro Network, especially in other languages and regions Genaro Network is not yet active in.

■ Have some blockchain industry resources, including investors, media, exchanges, etc., that you are willing to introduce to the community.

What an evangelist is not?

An evangelist is a positive supporter of the Genaro Network but is not a ‘yes man’ or a ‘shill’ just hyping news and arguing with non-supporters. While we are grateful for people who are passionate about Genaro Network, we always expect our evangelists to be fair, balanced and honest with our community and in interaction with other communities. An evangelist is a bridge-builder, not a bridge-burner.

How to register as Genaro Community Evangelist?

■ You can click on the link below and fill out the form to apply as a Genaro Community Evangelist.

■ If you are selected, a Genaro Operations Manager will set up a conference call with you to discuss your specific area of focus and and potential rewards based on performance

■ Start contributing to Genaro Community!

If you are interested, just email us! If you have any questions, please also let us know. Let’s crate the Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem together with Genaro.


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