2018.5| Genaro Network Monthly Report

May is here and with it a holiday in many parts of the world celebrating workers and their contribution. The building and improving of technology continues at a steady pace at Genaro as attention builds around the possibilities for blockchain to improve society and the internet for everyone, for good. That possibility motivates each team to build even better layers of tech, content and community.

Ecosystem Development

  1. Genaro and Zilliqa formally announced their strategic cooperation

On April 24, 2018, Singapore time, Genaro and Zilliqa announced a partnership to increase the speed and scalability of blockchain technology and speed up the development of the ecosystem. This latest cooperation provides potential solutions for the tricky issues that currently affect the blockchain, namely block formation speed and data storage. Simply put: Genaro + Zilliqa = more powerful storage capacity + a faster next-generation public chain. Read more

  1. Strategic and technology outlook AMA

On the evening of April 27, Genaro Network CSO Jason Inch and CTO Waylon Wu conducted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the Genaro official telegram community. It focused on strategic and technology questions and received active responses from community members. The questions covered many aspects, from consensus innovation to brand promotion to ecosystem construction. Read more

  1. Sophia Zhai as Business Development Director

Sophia Zhai joined the Genaro Network in January 2018 and will be continuing to contribute to the community. The Genaro team officially announced Sophia as Business Development Director on April 9, Singapore time. Sophia worked in media, consulting agencies and foreign consulates in Shanghai previously. She has extensive experience in writing, large-scale event planning and organizing, project management and business cooperation.

Technical Development

The progress of the public-chain framework (not open source yet). The team successfully–

  • Designed the opcode for the new VM, its name structure and how it interacts with the storage network.
  • Tested the new protocol buffer for data transmission.
  • Designed a new version of PoS. The new design emphasizes the establishment of a system within the consensus, allowing the stake itself to be strongly linked to the sentinel contributed by the storage network.
  • Designed and wrote the first version of GSIOP’s encryption components. The main function of GSIOP is to provide online and offline data (storage networks) with special encryption to provide interactions.
  • Built private-chain clusters to test different existing consensus mechanisms, including election mechanisms, testing of simultaneous mining, transactions, and RPC calls.
  • Built a VM that is compatible with new DAPPs for EVM. In the case of opcode being compatible, new data was added to handle opcode and new structure added to blockDB to let it be deeply linked with the storage network.
  • Designed and built a minimal communication structure and used RPC+VM+gnode interaction for data encryption and communication.

Genaro Eden API

  • The team released libgenaro, a library in the C language that can be used to call storage network functions. Compared with libstorj, it has added apikey and secretkey authentication methods.
  • We released node-libgenaro, the c language binding for nodejs.


  • The team added a user/miner/user usage statistics interface.
  • We increased the storage contract refresh function.

Genaro Sharer

Working on Genaro Sharer, the team successfully–

  • Fixed a bug that caused a startup error due to problems with the localized default language configuration file.
  • Added a “hide” program option to minimize the window in the lower right corner.
  • Updated some text and text translations.
  • Fixed a problem that caused a daemon crash after Sharer started up.
  • Improved the sharing status display. Now it’s consistent with the command line version display.
  • Fixed an issue where the node did not disappear from the list after deleting a shared node in the GUI.
  • Sorted out Sharer FAQ
  • Updated readme of “share gui” project; now it’s more detailed.
  • Removed unused items in the configuration file: maxOfferConcurrency.
  • Added ‘minimize’ to dock related functions.

Events and Community Building

  1. Genaro CEO Larry was invited to attend the Global HP Blockchain Summit held from April 17–18 at the Singapore University of Social Science. Genaro Network is one of the core sponsors for this conference. CEO Larry Liu delivered an important speech titled “Review and Prospect of Blockchain Technology.” Later, he also attended the panel discussion of young founders. The influence of the conference was so wide that more than 1,000 people had been attracted to the scene. The number of live viewers on the Internet exceeded 200,000.
  1. From April 20th to 22nd, Genaro CTO Waylon Wu attended as one of the judges at the first LongHash Hackathon held in Tokyo. Many experts in the field including Feng Xiao, the Chairman of Wanxiang and Bo Shen, Chairman of Fenbushi capital also attended this event. The contest focused on decentralization and security topics.
  1. The Community Manager of the Genaro Network, Amber, was invited to attend a global blockchain promotion in Chongqing and Shenzhen. The event attracted nearly 500 blockchain enthusiasts. The promotion, initiated by the global blockchain enthusiast alliance, is a community-scale blockchain charity activity aiming to popularize blockchain The May events will be held on May 5 in Xi’an, May 12 in Tianjin, May 19 in Shijiazhuang, and May 30 in Taiyuan.
  1. On April 29th, Genaro Network CEO Larry joined the BigOne coin-telegram group and delivered a live broadcast entitled ‘Peer-to-Peer Storage Combined with the Public Chain and Future DAPP Ecological Development Trends.’

The number of fans in Genaro’s communities has also steadily increased this month. The current number of supporters for each group is as follows (percentage refers to the increase compared with last month):

Telegram: 9969 +1.4%

Weixin:16134 +4.1%

Weibo:13088 +535.6%

Twitter:10319 +52.8%

Facebook:14724 +52.9%

Beechat:2042 +5.3%

Telegram groups:

Telegram East Asia: https://t.me/GenaroNetworkEastAsia

Telegram Official: https://t.me/GenaroNetworkOfficial

Beechat: https://i.beechat.io/GenaroNetwork

Weibo: GenaroNetwork-GNX

Wechat: GenaroNetwork

Other channels:

Github: https://github.com/GenaroNetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Genaronetwork
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GenaroNetwork/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GenaroNetwork/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/genaro-network/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3157491.0

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GenaroNetwork

This month’s outlook:

  1. Genaro Eden Enterprise Edition 1.0 (Genaro Storage Network API, Application Programming Interface) will be officially announced in the near future. Engineers, please stay tuned!
  1. The Genaro Business Development team is working with other well-known blockchain companies to collaborate on building a new blockchain ecosystem. For more details, please continue to follow us on all channels.

Genaro’s latest versions, Genaro Eden and Genaro Eden Sharer, will allow you to store your files in a more secure way and share your unused storage to earn GNX. To download Genaro Eden and begin storing and sharing, follow this link: https://genaro.network/en/genaro_eden/

Get your Genaro Eden/Sharer for Linux, Windows and MAC OS right now from the official website:

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Warm reminder to our community members, please download Genaro Eden ONLY from our official website/GitHub and DO NOT trust any referral links and reposts from anyone, otherwise, we won’t be able to guarantee privacy and security of your data and protect you from scammers.

Genaro Eden — The first decentralized application on the Genaro Network, providing everyone with a trustworthy Internet and a sharing community:

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The Genaro Ecosystem

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The Genaro Network, the creator of the Blockchain 3.0 Ecosystem, is the first Turing-complete public chain that incorporates a decentralized storage network. Genaro’s original SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) with PoS (Proof of Stake) mixed consensus mechanism aims to create a blockchain platform with a processing speed of tens of thousands of transactions per second, which opens the way for the technological shift to move data from centralized clouds to blockchain with decentralized storage. Genaro offers developers a one-stop combined platform for deploying smart contracts and storing the data needed for DAPPs, while also providing everyone with a more trustworthy Internet and a sharing community.

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