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Genaro Network (GNX)
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Recap of Genaro’s participation in Blockshow Asia — Powered by Cointelegraph!

Singapore — November 29–30, 2017: The Genaro Network participated in BlockShow Asia 2017 in Sentosa, Singapore. Nearly 100 blockchain projects joined, all sharing and exchanging ideas with each other and jointly promoting the development of blockchain technology.

Andrea Liu, the co-founder and Operations Lead of Genaro along with Amirsan Roberto, Head of CIS communicated with the founders of other projects to discuss the ecosystem of the blockchain, its evolution, singularity, and much more…

According to Andrea Liu-Genaro has been working hard to provide everyone with a more trusted Internet and community to share, store, and spread the idea of Blockchain 3.0…

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Highlights from Genaro co-founder Andrea Liu’s AMA

Singapore — November 30th: On the eve of a successful token sale, Genaro’s Operations Lead Andrea Liu engaged in discussions in Chinese with Genaro’s fans, community members, partners and investors in AMA — an Ask Me Anything.

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Genaro attends Token Summit 2017 in San Francisco

The Token Summit was the second annual event hosted by William Mougayar and Nick Tomaino and brought together the development community behind dozens of major blockchain projects including representatives from Genaro, Storj, Protocol Labs (IPFS/Filecoin), Omisego, Kyber Network, Plasma, 0x, and many more, from all over the world. Genaro co-founders Larry and Jason met with top teams to discuss potential partnerships and growth of the blockchain community overall.

Jason says: “I think this was a great event for bringing developerrs and other experts in tokenomics to one place, it is different from so many other events which often focus on fintech and cryptocurrencies. Here, many of the presentations and panels had important lessons the share for projects with ERC20 tokens, and we are going to study how they apply to Genaro’s post-token sale community development.”

Genaro co-founders Jason and Larry with members of the Storj team.

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Genaro’s Cofounder and Strategic Lead Jason Inch is to speak in an East-West Blockchain Genaro Meetup at SGInnovate Space

San Francisco, United States: The East-West Blockchain Conference is the world’s first gathering bringing together blockchain industry players from both sides of the Pacific.

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Evolution of the blockchain: from Bitcoin to smart contracts and decentralized data storage!

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are some of the most popular topics in both technology and business media recently, thanks in part to the run of Bitcoin up to $10,000+ levels, more than doubling where it was just a few months ago. But Bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies are only one application of blockchain and there are new ones developing all the time.​

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5 Reasons You Should Learn More About the Blockchain!

If you are one of those who, like myself, are working their way into the #blockchain industry for the first time, or are uncertain about whether to believe in the phenomenon or not, trust me: you aren`t alone.

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